Friday, March 26, 2010

Tips on How to Deal with Your Siblings

i have a lot of experience where siblings are involved. so here are some tips from me to u. hope it helps!

incase of a problem or an argument....

  • do NOT tell your parents or threaten to tell your parents unless the sibling is under 6 years old (unless they hit u, that is totally different)

  • act very calmly and act as if you can't hear what they are saying (the point of this is that they'll get really angry and frustrated. in about 2 minutes they'll calm down and go away)

  • if they hit you do NOT hit them back! go immediatly to your mother or father, whoever is more strict in this area, and tell them what happened. your sibling will have nothing to say against you. you'll be able to win the fight instantly!

  • if they start telling lies about you or making fun of you, laugh along and make some jokes and fibs about them in a very calm and happy voice. (this will help them forget that their against you, they might also feel what you felt when they lied and made fun of u.)

if you're having a good day together...

  • take total advantage of it! you've got to talk to them about how it's gr8 not to fighting. V.I (very important): do not say anything against them while you're talking about this

  • try to make the most of it if you fight frequently. ask them to do a fun activity with you like painting, hair braiding(girls), play-doh(if they're young), and any other type of arts and crafts. aviod any activity that might cause a problem between both of you.

remember your siblings are one of the treasures in life. try not to tell them stuff like: "i hate you etc..." they're very valuable and you can never feel that unless you lose them. so try to remind yourself when you're in a fight that they are one of the best things you have in life. you are so fortunate if you have siblings.. if you don't, i really hope that you're close to your cousins.


  1. This wasn't very helpful because everything that you wrote doesn't apply to real life. Ex. you said that you can talk to your sibling about good things.NOBODY LIKES TO TALK ABOUT THEIR DAY AND HOW FUN IT IS ESPECIALLY TO THEIR ENEMY. P.S: Next time be a little more helpful and write what really DOES happen!

  2. dear anonymous,
    have you even tried applying my advice to your life before you wrote this?! wait! don't say yes...think again and again and again if it really didn't work then maybe you really don't have good days with your siblings. plz try to appretiate them a bit more and not fight with them so much.

  3. why did you say that we don't hit them back,because then they will start hitting us everytime they see us cause they know we won't hit them back!

  4. I have an eight year old sibling that annoys me and I think the tips you posted can be helpful. I let you know if it works with my younger sister. Thank you, it was useful.

  5. dear 3rd anonymous,

    if you hit them back then they will go tell your parents that you hit them. your parents will blame you. if you have temper problems plz try to take deep breath and close your eyes when something is annoying you until you calm down and can regain your common sense. hope i helped! bye!
    -lalu :)

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