Friday, March 26, 2010

American Eagle Opens in Avenues Mall, Kuwait

On thursday night (yesturday) American Eagle Outfitters opened its doors in The Avenues Mall, Kuwait. I wasn't fortunate enough to see the opening night. However, I was able to go today. This is the first branch American Eagle opened in Kuwait. It is right infront of Gap. The clothes are fabulous and the whole store seems so elegant and comfy. However, the lines infront of the cashier are sooo long! it takes about 15 minutes until you can get a turn. the staff are overly nice and excited, so i guess they still havn't experienced how much work they'll have to do because of all those customers! The customers were a mix of Kuwaitis and Americans. i guess that they're pretty fond of that store. Anyways, i am so grateful that i'm not going at night! the Avenues will be crowded with people and people will probably have to wait 35 minutes to have a turn. If you're ever at the Avenues go check out American Eagle. Don't forget to go in the morning so that shopping will be a lot easier and pleasurable.


  1. Lalu i always go to gap but i never saw american eagle outfitters in front of it,then when i came in by coincidence to the avenues i saw the opening and the place was crowded with people. i love gap and its a coincidence that two of my favorite shops are in front of each other.

  2. Interesting! I was wondering when they were going to open! I'll stop by in a few weeks after ppl change their 'habba' :P

  3. Hi! I love American Eagel outfitters beacuse they sell a lot of lovely outfits but i didn't have time to buy cause i was in a hurry and i recognized that every minute the shop becomes crowded with more and more people:)