Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Question and Answer

hello again...i've noticed that a lot of the blog's readers have questions that they'd like me to answer. if you have a question about any topic you can submit it through the blog's email: lalublog@hotmail.com

here are some of the questions that readers submitted:

when i get out of the shower and my hair is wet i have to wait a whole 15 minutes until i can play outside or stay in an air-conditioned room.(if you're wondering why, it's because i easily get colds.) so during that time i'd be totally bored because most of the time nothing interesting is on T.V. have any ideas on how i can spend my time?

-wet and bored

hi wet and bored! i know that you feel that there is nothing to do, but actually there is so much stuff you can be doing! you can:

  1. draw

  2. play board games with someone who is willing to play with you

  3. paint your nails

  4. color in a coloring book

  5. make shapes out of play-doh

  6. paint

  7. choose clothes for where ever you're going on that day

my siblings are always bothering me. what should i do?

hi..please refer to a previous article titled: How To Deal with Your Siblings. thanks for asking and plz tell us about the results.


i'm 12 years old and i want to read some books that are for my age group. got any suggestions?

hi! i'm a bookworm too! so.. here's what i recommend:

-Shabanu by Suzzane Staples

-Haveli by Suzzane Staples

-the school story by andrew clements

-no talking, also by andrew clements

-standing up to Mr.O. by claudia mills

-diary of a wimpy kid

-how i survived middle school

i hope that you will enjoy them!

What are fun places kids can go to in Kuwait?

  1. scientific center

  2. cartoon network

  3. cinema

  4. baroue in Avenues and Discovery Mall

  5. Fantasy World

  6. Magic Planet in Avenues Mall

  7. Champion (jabriyah)

if you want to submit your questions, please do so via email. lalublog@hotmail.com


  1. I like the idea of what should we do when we are sick. It is very nice.thankyou:)

  2. Is Shabanu also for little kids?:)

  3. Hello my favorite thing is playdoh what should I do if I dont have it?:)

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  5. hello to all of you! to anonymous 2: no, it is only for ages 10 and up. or else they won't understand it.
    to anonymous 3: if you don't have play-doh i guess that you should play with something else or similar to play-doh.
    to anonymous 1: thanks for commenting! this isn't for sick people but it does apply to them.

  6. hi lalu!thanks for answering my answer it was really useful.

  7. I do not like anything except for playdoh.:)

  8. ok then, you'll just have to read the first post i publishes, about activities you can do when you're free. thanks for commenting:p