Monday, March 29, 2010

the perfect gifts for someone who's sick

the perfect gifts for someone who's sick:

have you ever visited someone and looked around to find that their room seems to be bursting with chocolate gifts. well, that's only because the first thing people think of when they go visit someone who's sick is bringing chocolate along. when bringing a gift along you've got to think- different. the two most common and boring things you can bring along are flowers and chocolate. just imagine about 10 boxes of chocolate and tons of roses and other kinds of flowes all around the room. then you look down at your hands and find that you're holding flowers and chocolate too. it sounds pathetic, doesn't it?

some people like to get things that they can actually use. so, is you know that whoever you're going to is that kind of person here are some perfect gifts for them:

for kids:

aeroplane with remote control

toy car (preferably with roads and similar stuff) where: in enchanted learning avenues mall

doctor's equipment


hand watch

apron with cooking things

doctor's equipment





hair accesories

men, i'm not so sure what they would like. but remember to be creative.


  1. you know it is a very good idea to let someone feel happy while you give them a present and their sick.

  2. u know what would be gr8 if you're giving a present to your dad? a hallmark card! they love that kind of thing:)