Sunday, July 18, 2010

Youtube Sisters: Elle and Blair Fowler

I'm not sure if any of you know about this, but I just found out. Two sisters on Youtube, one is a 17 year old named Juicystar07 aka. Blair, and the other is 22 years old named allthatglitters21 aka. Elle. They started making video posts I think about a year ago. It has become so succesful that Blair had to get out of high school and be homeschooled to make enough videos. There are so many viewers that adore Blair and Elle. They have been featured in Good Morning America, clevver T.V, and Blair has attended New York Fashion Week in which she has been one of the make-up artists. Elle has been in the August issue of Seventeen Magazine. They are both beauty gurus. Blair has her own channel on Youtube now and so does Elle. The sisters also have their own online store: Glitzy-Glam. It sells stationary and gifts and girl necessities. If you're interested here's the website adress:

To find out more about Blair check out her Youtube Channel: for beauty advice and where she Vlogs. Her blog is: To follow her on twitter go to:

As for Elle: her youtube channel is: and . Her blog is to follow her on twitter go to: Her facebook fan page:

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  1. you have some of that information wrong. Blair didnt become homeschooled so that she could make more videos, she became homeschooled because of problems at her school. also both blair and elle were in 17 magazine, and both elle and blair went to new york fashion week as makeup artists.