Thursday, July 15, 2010

Princess Academy

I just read the most amazing book by Shannon Hale. It's called Princess Academy and has earned a Newberry Award. It's about a 14 year old girl named Miri, who lives in Mount Eskel in Danland where they are not very rich and the population is quite small. They work in the quarry where they get linder and trade it for necessities for a living. She doesn't have a mother and lives with her father and sister Marda. Miri is also not very strong, and is quite petite, so her father doesn't allow her to work in the quarry. One day the king sends someone to announce that the prince of Danland shall marry a girl from Mount Eskel. An academy was to be held for a year to prepare the girls for the royal ball when the prince would pick a bride. All girls from 12-17 must attend. Since Marda isn't in that age group Miri goes alone with 20 other mountain girls. It's a great tale with a lot of excitement and enchantment and it's the perfect coming of age story. I recommend it for all pre-teen and teenage girls. To find out more about the book visit Shannon Hale's website: Or, you can visit her blog: There are also great reviews about the book that you can find on Google.

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