Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your Hobbies

Do you like swimming? enjoy drawing? or do you even like singing and dancing?

well, whatever your hobbies are, leave a comment and let me know!

you don't have to include any personal info, just write about your hobbies and why you enjoy them. if you want to develop new hobbies, tell me about your interests and i'll help you out.

the best written comment or sent email about hobbies and why you enjoy them will be posted in the next post and people will be able to comment about it. any questions about this topic can be sent either by commenting or to my email:


  1. example:
    hi...i like drawing and i draw everyday. i only like drawing with pencil and hate adding colors. i usually draw teenage girl cartoons. i've been told that i'm good at drawing, and i love the comfy feeling i have when i draw.

  2. I like drawing too but everytime i want to make something nice i can't make it nice. Do you know any book that helps us draw?

  3. hi brownie,
    your question will not be posted in the next post, but you can search for "How to Draw" on google, yahoo, or any other search engine. thanks for commenting! bye!