Friday, April 2, 2010

Nanny Shows

i know that parents and even kids have a huge problem when it comes to disciplining their younger sibling, or for parents their kids.

so, here are some of my favorite shows that teach us tremendous ways on how to discipline and get along with others easily:

i love this show! it's so much fun watching the "nanny team" choosing which nanny would be better for the family chosen. here's an image of all the nannies with their leader:

here's another image of nanny stella talking to the kids about new rules:

here's another show i like called supernanny:

and this is an image of the host, Jo Frost:

so..if your intersted you can simply search these shows on youtube or buy the DVD, if it's available. bye!


  1. hi! u didn't put ways of discipline like u said u would!

  2. hello...i didn't say that i'd teach you ways od discipline..i said that in the show they teach you ways of disiplining kids.

  3. thanks i just didn't understand it!

  4. when we want to order a nanny which number should we call?

  5. dear brownie,
    your question has nothing to do with my topic. you should probably call an agency in your country to order one. you can look for the numbers of the agencies in the newspaper or il-badalah. thanks for commenting anyway!