Thursday, April 1, 2010

Is it fair?

Hello Lalu fans! Please state your opinion by commenting:

Do you think that it’s fair that the parents choose a child’s name? Why


  1. if i have a big sister or brother, they can NOT name me! but, my parents can, because they are the ones who brought me into this world. they deserve to name me.
    if i could name myself whatever i want, i'd choose Jude.

  2. I kinda think no one gets to choose our names, not even our parents.

    Call it fate or destiny or whatever...
    I think our names are already chosen for us before we're even born, and they're chosen for a reason that only a few manage to realize.

    I do this dumb thing where I turn everything into a reason for being thankful, and because of it i'm always at peace... Was I meant to always be at peace? why? :P that's the tricky part I guess...

    Who knows =)

    Great question! Simple yet thought-provoking =]

  3. I think they should choose our names because if we grow up we wont have names

  4. I think it is fair that our parents choose our names because what will everyone call us when we are still too small to pick out our own name? Evenutally when you get born someone will have to name you, whether you like it or not. And besides you were too small to argue:)

  5. thanks for commenting :) your responds were very intersting!