Friday, April 30, 2010


Hello to all the lalu blog readers! i'm so sorry that i didn't have time to write lately. anyways, this topic really interested me! almost all of us just love cookies. i know i do! anyways, here are some of the most delicious cookie stores in Kuwait:

1.the cookie bag

as they call it: wickedly sweet! i just love the scrumptious taste of the chocolate chip cookies. i think that i might be addicted! visit their website: to order call: 99925566. enjoy the wonderful taste of cookies!

2.cookies n' cream

this is another favorite of mine. they are mini cookies, but are still utterly yummy! you can't have enough of the soft and luscious taste of those cookies. the store is owned by a local family. they don't deliver yet, but they will soon (hopefully.)

they are located in bneid al-gar, Mohammed Rafeie Marafie St. , block 2 next to Al-Arkan 2 building.

tel: +965252-6714


i do hope that you'll like it. i can never have enough of it :)

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  1. i love cookies too! my favorites are the smarties and chocolate chip cookies.