Sunday, March 28, 2010

Great Websites

hi! these are some of the interesting websites i like to enter:

if you don't know about this, it is a website where you can make your own buddy (boy or girl) and then you cn shop for clothes, food and supplies for your very own home with millsbucks. they also have a newsletter and a citizen of the month.

recommended age group: 7-15

this website is for girls only. there's a book that you can read online, you can meet the pls, and guess what?! they have their own blog! you can create your own locker and meet the pls members!

recommended age group:10-15

this requires membership by buying a toy that has a username and password to enter. Limited Too (Justice) used to sell it, but i'm not sure that they still do. anyways, its lots of fun. you get to pick your animal according to the toy you bought. if you bought a penguin like me, your animal will be a penguin. you can make your own home, feed the toy and go to the doctor if it gets sick.

recommended age group: 8-16

if you have any other websites that you think are good, please post a comment and tell us about it.


  1. if you get to know these websites u never remove u're eyes from them

  2. Hi I love to play millsberry and I also love to play webkinz these are my favorite games

  3. that's gr8 that u know them. if you know any other gr8 games plz share the website with us. bye!