Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tasty Homemade Chocolate Cake

Hi everybody! 3eedkoom mubarak! The last time I wrote a recipe for a post was about two months ago, and I liked the idea. So, last time it was mini sandwiches (click here to see it) and today it's this very tasty Chocolate Homemade Cake.


  • chocolate cake (If you don't know how to make chocolate cake you can either buy a ready plain one or make one with the easy mix from the grocery store. Size depends on your desire.)
  • whipped cream
  • smarties or m&m's

How to prepare:

Cut the chocolate cake in half. So, you'll have a top half and a bottom half. Then take the whipped cream and spread it on the top of the bottom half. Put just enough so that about two inches high. Make sure its spread equally around all the sides. Then put the top half on top of the cream and it'll look something like the picture underneath this.

Then make little roses with the bottle of whipped cream on top. (Mine melted so they're like little circles.) After that sprinkle the m&ms on the top.

Extras: I put m&ms on the side too.

Enjoy! PS: This would make the perfect dessert if you're having kids over in il-3eed.

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