Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hi...the school year is ending and for those people who are stuck at home studying for upcoming final exams, here are great ways to relax and take time off of studying:

1. after every one and a half hours of studying write down what you have accomplished, that way at the end of the day you can read what you have accomplished and feel good about yourself.

2. at meal times don't just eat and think about what to study next, forget all that stress and try to enjoy this time by watching t.v. while eating to take your mind of studying. you can even use the computer, but don't overuse it. that way you'll waste a lot of your time.

3. at night read a book if reading is your hobby, play video games, or even watch a new movie. however, you've got to keep in mind that you can't stay up too long, because if you're really planning on studying you've got to get a good night's sleep.

4. if any of you are bloggers like me, then i recommend that instead of doing num.3 write something new in your blog or look at other blogs since that's one of your hobbies.

i hope that i helped! good luck :)


  1. hi!i read your post.but some people worry a lot so they can't do these things.or they have a lot of things to do.thanks lll

  2. hi noony :) 1st of all, thanks for commenting. 2nd, if you worry too much then that's really bad 4 u. those ppl have 2 take some time off studying so that they won't be in this worrying world of theirs. if they have lots of things 2 study then they can pick just one of the activities listed.

    hope i helped!

  3. Hi..I just wanted to say if i have alot of hobbies and i want to do all of them but i have alot homework what should i do? thankyou!:)

  4. you can play in the weekend, or just do one hobby each day.

  5. in the weekends i have to study also so what should i do?thankyou:p

  6. so don't play if you're really that busy!