Sunday, June 13, 2010

QUIZ: Are you a talker, writer or thinker?

1. You just found out that you have won your favorite contest! What is the first thing that you do?

a)call all your friends and tell them the big news!
b)write all about it in your diary or journal
c) start thinking about what you will do with your gift

2. You're going to a party and you still have some minutes left until you can go, what do you do during that time? ps: you are ready to go

a) talk to someone else who is going about the party as you wait

b) use the time to write about how you feel about the party and who you'll meet etc..

c) daydream about what'll happen

3. You just had a fight with someone at school/work. what do you do when you get home?

a) call another friend or relative and start gossiping about the person you fought with.

b) immediatly start scribbling down the details in your diary/journal

c) sit down somewhere and start thinking about what happened.

4. You just found out that your friends are planning a surprise party for you! what do you do?
a) tell someone that isn't aware about the party what you found out.

b) write down your findings in your journal/diary

c) practice your surprised face

5. You found the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding! what do you do once you get home?

a) describe your dress to your friend.
b) write about your dress in you diary/journal.
c) start thinking about how you'll accessorize it.

Evaluation time!

Mostly A's: Talker!

Whenever an event comes up you love to talk about it with someone.

Mostly B's: Writer!
You love expressing yourself in your diary/journal and write about almost all that happens to you in that special book!

Mostly C's: Thinker!

When something is happening the best person to consult is yourself! You go through things in your mind and that's just your way when it comes to dealing with events.


  1. hi!i took the quiz.i got mostly 2 b's 2 c's and 1 does that mean im a writer and thinker?

  2. hi ... I just wanted to say i got two a's and three b's does that mean i am a thinker or a writter?thankyou:p