Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mini Sandwiches

Sorry I havn't been able to post lately. This is a new kind of post: a Recipe. I hope that you can leave a comment saying if you liked this post or not.
I got this a recipe from a friend and it's sooo delicious! it is:
Mini Sandwiches


  • White toast

  • Lettuce

  • Slice cheese (preferably Anchor)

  • Mayonnaise (preferably Heinz)

How to prepare:

Take two pieces of toast. First, cut off the lining of the toast, then spread mayonnaise (not too much, just enough so that it'll almost cover the piece.) Then put one slice off cheese on top of the mayonnaise. After that, put lettuce over the cheese.(Make sure the lettuce covers the entire piece toast.) Then, put the other piece of toast over them and divide the sandwich into 4 mini sandwiches.


You can put a tooth pick over every mini sandwich and put a slice of cucumber after that.

if these sandwiches seem like something that you wouldn't like to eat, always remember that it doesn't hurt to try!


  1. I need to impress mom.. so I'll def start with this since I'm the worst cook on earth.

  2. This recipe looks reeeaaaallllyyyy tasty!