Sunday, March 28, 2010

fashion do's and dont's

Have you ever looked at someone's clothes in the mall and thought:"oh! this shirt doesn't really match that skirt! i wish i could give them a few tips!"

well, for you out there who are really into fashion here are some fashion do's and don't's especially for you!


skinny jeans are really in style this season

hollister and abercrombie and fitch jackets, blouses, and jeans

jeans leggings

ballet flats

gladiator shoes

fashion don'ts

nurse's shoes

70s jeans


  1. hello I love the jeans that the girls are wearing they are nice may you tell me from where you took the picture?

  2. hi:) you can get them from H&M, Gap, massimmo Dutti, Juicy Couture. they are available in almost every modern store. thank you for asking and commenting! bye!

  3. ***HELLO***
    i was just wondering if the fashion dont's will look good on old ladies?

  4. i don't think that they'd look good on anyone! they're very old fashioned...and anyways, there are more modern and good looking clothes for old ladies, just like the ones they viewed in one of the Oprah shows. but thanks for commenting!